Hey Friend!

I'm Madison Gray!

I absolutely love photography. I have the gift of capturing life with my lens. I love the art and I love just being with people. I get invited into the most intimate and exciting times of people's live to document their story with my art. 

I'm all about heart-crafting images with heart and soul. 


I'm a born and raised California kid. I'd happily go anywhere with wet hair and bare-feet.  

I met the love of my life, Kyle, when I was in high school. We've been together for ten years and married for three!

We became a family of three when our daughter Mallory was born in May! 

I come from four generations of farmers. I like to think that's where my down-to-earth-ness comes from. 

We have a tiny rescue pug named June-pug. 

If you're into enneagram, I'm a seven!